1988 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Rollout edited at the Track & Field venue during NBC Opening Ceremonies.  1:37

2000 Olympics Pocket Hercules

Nine minute Essay on Naim Süleymanoğlu, star of weightlifting.  Aired from Sidney, Austrailia eight hours after the competition.  NBC,  Ernie Johnson   9:42

1988 Olympics

Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

Olympic Festival 1989

The 38-sport, 13 day event was held in non-Olympic years to bring the best American athletes together for Olympic style competition. The USOC coordinated the event from 1978-1995.  In 1989, the Olympic Festival  was held in Oaklahoma City and aired daily on ESPN.  One of my jobs was to produce and edit the nightly roll-out.  Here is the final night. 2:20

2004 Olympics Weightlifting Super Heavyweights 1 of 4

Strongest man in the world.  NBC  5:46

2004 Olympics Super Weightlifting Heavyweights 4 of 4